Using the newspaper articles detailed below, we have been able to piece together the following historical information. If you know of any more details, or can add to the information below, please contact us to tell us more... 

  • The Lithgow Croquet Club started as the Lithgow Women's Croquet Club in 1955. 
  • In 1965 the first male player joined the club and the name was changed to the Lithgow Croquet Club.
  • In 1965 the club played inter-district matches against clubs at Lawson and Bathurst, as well as weekly social matches.
  • In 1980 the Club celebrated 25 years.
  • In 1994, the club began a membership drive.  "An invitation has been extended to persons wishing to take up the ancient sport of croquet". The court was considered underused - read this article with a great description of croquet as experienced by Alice in Wonderland!
  • In 1994, a life membership was presented to the president of the Lithgow Croquet Club, Mrs Hilda Kerrison on December 7, still an active player at 86 years of age.
  • In 1996 the Club hosted 'Croquet Week' to raise awareness of the sport. The Club was generously supported by Hazelbrook, Leura, Bathurst and Orange Croquet Clubs as well as the State President Colonel Tony Hall and the Regional Coaching Co-ordinator Tony Graham, of Leura.
  • In 2008 substantial improvements were made to the clubhouse by Lithgow City Council, with funding also contributed by State Government.
  • Also in 2008, the La Salle students learn to play croquet at the Club as part of their school sports program.

1965       Mrs A.H. Johnson

Club Champions:
1956 - 57      Mrs Irene Johnson
1957 - 58      Mrs Hilda Kerrison
1958 - 59      Mrs Elsie Morton
1959 - 60      Mrs Dorothy Hanrahan
1960 - 61      Mrs Irene Johnson
1961 - 62      Mrs Elsie Moreton
1962 - 63      Mrs Hilda Kerrison
1963 - 64      Mrs Hilda Kerrison
1964 - 65      Mrs Elsie Morton
1965 - 66      Mrs Hilda Kerrison
1966 - 67      Mrs Dorothy Bagnall

The Hilda Fox Club Championship Memorial Board, hanging proudly in the Clubhouse
Membership Lists: see the records from 1955 to 2001

From the Lithgow Mercury:

A cross between Billiards - Chess: Article on the Lithgow Croquet Club 10 years after its formation
11.6.1965 p.1 c.5

Anyone for Croquet?Declining numbers threaten the future of the Lithgow Croquet Club
29.3.1978 p.20 c.1

Lithgow croquet now 25: 25th annual meeting of the Lithgow Women's Croquet Club
26.8.1980 p.6 c.7

Lithgow Croquet Club receives a $500 grant for improvements to its grounds
29.9.1980 p.1 c.6 {edition unavailable}

Croquet's invitation to the public: Repairs and renovations to the Croquet club and grounds
29.4.1981 p.20 c.1

Looking to boost their membership

A sport for king and queens: Court is underused

General News from 1994
Minor vandalism, and an AGM roundup

Croquet - it's an ancient game that's seeking a modern revival in Lithgow
30.1.1996 p.3

Promotion seeks to 'introduce' croquet
15.2.1996 p.1

Club House Improvements 2007 and 2008

Fun-gate: Is croquet serious fun? The Lithgow Mercury investigates in 2008
La Salle students take on the challenge of croquet.

A big thank you to the elves in the Local History section of the Lithgow Library. With their wonderful assistance help we were able to find much of the history of the croquet club - as gleaned from the microfiche records of the Lithgow Mercury.