About Us

Lithgow Croquet Club is a friendly group of people who enjoy a game of croquet together. We have great facilities and welcome visitors, new members and casual players - with all skill levels! You can bring your own mallet or use the club mallets free of charge - and if you are a beginner we will give you a few pointers and get you playing quickly.

Croquet is a fun sport which is easy to learn and enjoyed by people of different ages, fitness, health and abilities. You can  enjoy playing casually using the club equipment, or become a member and enjoy the social and sporting benefits of the club.

Lithgow Croquet Club play Golf and Aussie Croquet twice a week, and there is no need to book ahead. Simply join us on Saturday at 10 am or Wednesday at 9:30 am summertime (during daylight savings) or 10:00 am wintertime, weather permitting!

We have recently introduced Gateball to our club games. Gateball is a fun and fast game, played in teams with some very tricky strategy to keep you on your toes. We play regularly, so please contact us to find out when the next game of Gateball is. Feel free to contact us for more information on any of our games - we look forward to seeing you at the club.

Check out our facebook page - www.facebook.com/lithgowcroquetclub to check playing times this week.

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Our Facilities

The Lithgow Croquet Club is located conveniently on the corner of James St and Young St in Lithgow, between the Hockey Fields and Tennis Courts.

Our new extended playing green can be configured to allow both Croquet and Gateball to be played at the same time. The Club also has a selection of hoops, mallets and balls for visitors and members to use.

Our Clubhouse is cosy in winter and breezy in summer, and we like to gather there between games to enjoy morning or afternoon tea. There is a ramp for disabled access to the clubhouse and toilet facilities.

Postal Address: 69 Coalbrook St, Lithgow NSW 2790

Email: [email protected]

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/lithgowcroquetclub