Monday, 30 October 2017

November-December 2017 Newsletter

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News From the Committee

The Lithgow Lightning gateball team returned home from the Australian Gateball Championships tired but very happy and inspired. While they didn't carry off the trophy, they had some good games and thoroughly enjoyed playing and watching some very skilled teams, including Korea and China. Korea beat China in the final and were considered very worthy winners.

Penny and John will be playing at the NSW State Gateball Championships in November. And the gateballers are gearing up for Lithgow's own gateball competition in February. Your help that weekend will be much appreciated (see page 2)

You will note that we have kept start times for croquet at 10.00 am. Local water restrictions mean we have to run the sprinklers early in the morning, resulting in very soggy grass. The gateballers have kept their 9.00 am start time - but they bring their own snorkels!

A first application of weedkiller helped the grass but a second application is needed. This was very hard work for just two people so we will be asking for help from others. Top dressing is also needed and a working bee will be held on the same day as the garage sale.
18th November is the day for our Annual Garage Sale, so turn out your cupboards, clean the garage or shed and see how much 'stuff' you can bring to our garage sale on 18th November. The only proviso we make is that you take home anything that isn't sold.

It's a fun day, wheeling and dealing with the customers, so please spare some time to come and help. Full details at the 11th November meeting.

Lithgow Gateball Competition - February 24th/25th

Even if you're not a gateball player, this is a great competition to watch, with teams coming from all over NSW and beyond.

It also makes money for the club! We would love to have your donations of cakes, fruit, etc which help to offset our costs. There will be a sign up sheet in the clubhouse.

And in the past we have had wonderful help from club members on the day, putting up shelters, setting out refreshments, topping up water containers, etc.

If you can spare a few hours, please sign up. Thank you in advance.

The folks from Community Access Service (CAS) in Blackheath have been playing with us for several years. We were really pleased to read in their recent Annual Report...

"Gateball (or croquet as the guys who attend refer to it) at Lithgow Croquet Club has been a much looked forward to activity where the group has progressed their gateball playing skills and interaction with the wider community."

Two New Members

Welcome to Michael Clonaris. Michael played gateball when living in Japan. He now lives in Sydney and we hope to see him for some of our gateball games.

And many many congratulations to Cindy, Steve and Beth on the safe arrival of Paul, our latest and very youngest member. Your first mallet is on order, Paul.


Saturday 11th November          Monthly meeting
Saturday 18th November          Garage Sale and working bee
Saturday 30th December             Christmas/End of Year Party. It's the 5th Saturday so expect food, fun and games!
24th/25th February 2018            Lithgow Gateball Competition
Monday at 9.00 - Gateball
Tuesday - Association Croquet lessons. (Please put your name on the list in the clubhouse if you're interested.)
Wednesday at 10.00 - Croquet (Golf and Aussie)
Thursday usually at 4..00 - Gateball
Saturday at 10.00 - Croquet (Golf and Aussie)
Plus our special groups from CAS Blackheath and LUSY Wallerawang every first and third Thursday at 10.00. Volunteers are always welcome.