Pictures from the Scrapbooks: Members, visitors and Memorabilia

These pics are taken from one of our grand old scrapbooks...

No details provided. 1994?

Visiting Hazelbrook Club

A return visit by Hazelbrook Club.
Top: combined players
Bottom: Lithgow Croquet Club members

More details of the Lithgow and Hazelbrook Clubs
Rear (L to R): Rheema Partridge, Audrey Carter, Audrey Audley, Ron ?, Jean White
Front (L to R): Mary Brodie, Jean Clarke, Merle Lawrence, Ted Audley, Gwen ?, Nell Bentley

Lithgow Members
Jean Clarke, Mary Brodie, Reema Partridge, Margaret Dwight, Merle Lawrence

Afternoon Tea at Lithgow
Bottom - Jean Clarke, Pat Warner with Jedda.

Top: Chris teaching Pat 2003
Bottom: Pat Warner

A group shot from 2003

Teaching new members how to play 2005
L to R: Stephen, David Pfaff, Lynne Nelson-Jones, David Bruce, Merle Gill

Quota Visit 21 May 2005